Date posted: July 25th 2022 – September 25th 2022

Employer Name: ZMR Capital LLC
Position Title: Associate
· Conduct detailed financial analysis utilizing historical financial statements, operational and capital budgets to determine cmTent operational performance and also determine future potential for liquidity opportunities in the form of refinances or dispositions

· Conduct Market Comparable Analysis as well as Precedent Transaction Analysis to compute Cap Rates to derive property valuation. Make necessary adjustments accordingly to the assumptions utilized to derive valuation

· Assist in Computation of Investment Returns utilizing metrics such as IRR, Equity Multiple, NA V on a quarterly basis for Investor Reporting for individual investments as well as proprietary funds.

Assist the Senior Director of Portfolio Management with conducting quarterly portfolio wide call to address operational priorities, liquidity recommendations as well as proprietary fund returns

Track as well as forecast cash balances for all properties as well as funds and ensure availability of funds to execute business plan as well as prepare for investor distributions

Consolidate every external valuation memorandums prepared by brokers and analyze different underwriting assumptions

· Assist with the structuring, pricing and execution of debt for new acquisitions, refinances, supplementals as well as recapitalization

· Perform Investment Underwriting by preparing discounted cash flow models, asset allocation structures and forecasted loan amortization schedules

· Perform various scenario and sensitivity analysis to ensure the most optimal capital structure with the lowest and most effective cost of capitals are selected for acquisitions, refinances as well as recapitalizations

· Conduct Transaction cost analysis for all acquisitions and refinances Assist with all due diligence relating to new investments, including the review of business plans, third-party reports, title/survey, historical financial statements, leases, vendor contracts, and market research.

Lead due diligence calls with lender counterparties to ensure smooth debt execution.

Acquire Interest Rate Hedges in the form ofCaps and Swaps to protect the investments against interest rate risk

Maintain and update the Loan Abstracts & Summary document by Summarizing Loan documents for currently owned communities

· Track and Forecast Debt Service Payments for all investments by calculating Debt Service Coverage Ratios to ensure no risks of default

· Manage a total portfolio of $1.6 Billion comprising of agency debt, balance sheet debt, bridge debt and CMBS.

· Perform detailed underwriting for potential third party management deals to expand the company’s prope1ty management platform Conduct Variance Analysis of Prope1ty as well as of Individual Funds to ensure the actual expenses incurred are in line with the budgeted expenses on a monthly basis.

· Perform Profitability Analysis on existing third patty management deals to ensure that the deals generate sufficient operating cashflows for us to maximize on the prope1ty and asset management fees

· Perform Monthly Payroll Cost Allocation and Reconciliation Analysis. Assist on Biweekly Payroll Audits to ensure all the necessary protocols are followed before running the payroll

· Perform executive financial and payroll repo1ting on ad hoc basis
Education & Experience:
Bachelor’s in Finance or Real Estate 12 months of progressive experience as Financial Analyst

Rate of Pay:

Location of Employment:
ZMR Capital LLC 2002 N Tampa Street Suite 110 Tampa, Florida 33602