Turning opportunity
into exceptional value.


Founded in 2013 by Zamir Kazi, ZMR Capital is an opportunistic real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition and re-development of value-add multifamily assets in primary, secondary, and emerging markets across the United States. Our team of dedicated real estate professionals bring over 60 years of combined experience in commercial real estate acquisition, disposition, investment analysis, asset management, development, and construction. Our goal at ZMR Capital is to identify opportunities and create value in an ever evolving commercial real estate market while providing investors with long term, risk-adjusted investment returns.

Our Strategy


Our strategy is simple and targeted. We focus on investing in off-the-radar B and C class value-add apartment complexes in areas with strong market fundamentals, exceptional surrounding demographics, numerous demand drivers, and long-term sustainability driven by skilled populations and strong economic growth statistics.

Our targeted acquisition strategy affords us the ability to reposition the asset and add significant future value by adjusting rents to market, improving units to higher specifications, and streamlining operating costs to improve efficiency.

To effectively stabilize and reposition our investments, we leverage our deep market expertise, relationships with brokers and local experts, and re-development track record to achieve maximum value and returns.

Our Expertise


Direct debt and equity investment in core plus, value-add, opportunistic multifamily assets ranging in value from $20 million to $200 million portfolios. Our internal team expertly manages all aspects of the acquisition process from deal sourcing, underwriting and market analysis to deal structuring and capital deployment.


Our core investment strategy revolves around acquiring value-add assets that afford us the ability to effectively reposition the asset and bring enhanced value to our clients, the community, and our investors. Our team brings over three decades of combined ground-up development experience and has overseen the redevelopment of more than 20,000 units.


After acquiring a new asset, ZMR Capital is dedicated to increasing cash flow and stabilizing the asset. Successful management of an asset involves careful analysis of the local market, previous operating history, and calculated strategies to streamline operational costs, reduce risk and increase cash flow.


We actively partner with private equity funds, high net individuals, and family offices looking to invest in real estate without having to actively participate in the acquisition process, redevelopment process, or operational management side of things.